1. Refund Request Page or Order History: To start a refund request, you can go to Google’s refund request page or access your Google Play order history. From there, select the purchase you wish to refund and follow the process, which involves choosing your account, specifying the reason for the refund, and providing additional details if necessary​​​​.
  2. 48-Hour Window for Easier Refunds: While Google doesn’t guarantee refunds for all Google Play purchases, your chances are generally better if you request a refund within 48 hours of the purchase. In some cases, if you uninstall an app soon after purchasing it, you may automatically receive a refund​​.
  3. 2-Hour Quick Refund Option: For a more immediate refund, within 2 hours of the purchase, you can open the Google Play Store app, navigate to your account’s order history, select the item, and then choose the refund option. This process might involve uninstalling the app, after which your money will be refunded​​.