Hiface App Reached 1 Million Users Organically!

We will continue at full speed with our application, which we have released in February 2020.


While initially detecting the face shape manually, now with Machine Learning (ML), each part of the face; we can get the coordinates of the eyes, ears, cheeks, nose and mouth. After face shape detection, we offer users the experience of trying with Artificial Reality (AR) in an ultra-realistic way.


Organically, we grow through optimization for the store only and user feedback. When users like the app, they share it on their Youtube channels and social media accounts. YouTubers who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and share style-oriented also feature Hiface in their videos.


Until now, there have been many programs that have contributed to our growth. For example, we have been included in the Albaraka Garaj Acceleration Program. In this process, which included incubation and acceleration programs, we had received very useful trainings and support on growth hacking, sales, product management and team management. At the same time, we were selected for METU Yeni Fikirler Yeni İşler and participated in Startup Wise Guys Acceleration Programs. While we had the opportunity to meet many investors during the programs process, we improved the experience within the application with feedbacks.

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