Hiface Business is meeting you on July 1st!

Hiface Business: It will allow stores selling cosmetics and accessories products to take their products to an augmented reality environment, allowing consumers to try and buy products. Such stores will make a difference between Hiface Business’s interactive and innovative sales channel and its competitors. In addition, customers will reduce their return rates as they try products in an ultra-realistic way with the try-and-buy method on this channel.

By easily adding their products to Hiface, stores will be able to sell their products to more than 1 million organic users within Hiface by inspecting their products. At the same time, stores will be able to advertise story-oriented in different categories within Hiface. In this way, they will have access to large and niche masses soon. Hiface Business will start operating with accessory stores in the Indian region and then integrate it into stores in Turkey in the field of make-up and accessories.

Hiface is taking firm steps forwards becoming Turkey’s first and only AR-Commerce marketplace.

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