Tips for Improving Face Shape Analysis Accuracy

The precision of our face shape analysis hinges on several critical aspects, most notably the quality of your uploaded photo and the distinctness of facial features. For an enhanced analysis, we advocate for a photo that’s well-lit, showcasing a clear

Accuracy of AI in Determining Face Shape

Our AI is highly accurate in determining face shapes, trained on a vast and varied dataset. However, slight deviations might occur, particularly with poor-quality photos or unclear facial features.

Types of Face Shapes Recognized by Our AI

Our AI recognizes a variety of face shapes, including round, oval, oblong, heart-shaped, and square. It’s trained to cover a broad range of face shapes, accommodating many variations, though individual differences within these categories are also noted.

Is Face Shape Analysis Free in Hiface app?

Yes, our app offers free face shape analysis for all users. We aim to provide accessible face shape analysis and personalized recommendations for everyone, regardless of financial means. Our free service is supported by app advertising, ensuring no cost to

Privacy and Storage of Photos in Hiface App

We prioritize user privacy. Uploaded photos aren’t permanently stored in our app and are used solely for facial shape analysis. We ensure secure and confidential handling of these photos and do not use them for any other purposes, protecting your

Extracted Facial Data from Photos

We extract various details about the face from the uploaded photo, including the position and shape of the eyes, nose, mouth, and face contours. This data is crucial for our face shape analysis process.